76' Viking

Viking Fishing Yacht in Nassau

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Why Charter This Yacht?

  • Length: 76 feet (23.2 m)
  • Builder: Viking Yachts
  • Home Port: Nassau, Bahamas
  • Alternate Pickup Locations: Yes
  • Minimum Charter Length: 8 Hours
  • Size Matters
    Few people will ever have the chance to step aboard a yacht such as Zeus and consequently most couldn't imagine what a 76 foot sport fishing yacht looks and feels like. This boat is huge inside and out and is quite literally one of the finest fishing yachts in the world. Sure, there are even larger sportfish on the water, but something about Zeus just feels right. The boat is large enough to feel huge, but still is manageable. It's the perfect platform for a luxury Bahamas fishing experience.

  • Bahamas Fishing Yacht
    Hemmingway's Old Man In The Sea helped brand the Bahamas as a hardcore, albeit rough around the edges fishing destination. His depiction is not that far off, but this 76' Viking fishing yacht brings a level of sophistication and luxury that simply has never existed in this part of the world before. The fact that you can be reeling in a half a ton billfish one moment and minutes later be spread out on a huge leather sofa, watching NFL on a huge flat screen the next moment, is just one of the many juxtapositions you will be entertained by while exploring the Islands of the Bahamas on this multi-million dollar fishing yacht.

  • Local Knowledge
    The owner of Zeus could have hired an ordinary crew, but instead, he chose a Bahamian crew with expert, local knowledge. Fishing in the Bahamas is a family affair, and almost every Bahamian has a secret fishing hole the location of which is a closely guarded family secret. Sure, other people can fish here, but few outsiders will ever achieve the intimacy known only to a real Bahamian.